Siemens Sinumerik Run my Robot & CEAD 3D printing

The machine consists of a Comau robot arm controlled by Sinumerik Run MyRobot /Direct Control and equipped with a single milling spindle to achieve excellent precision on complex 3D surfaces. Siemens Sinumerik is used to directly control the Comau robot arm, without the need for a robot controller, enabling increased robot and positioning accuracy while travelling along a path.

Collaboration between Robotics Benelux, Comau’s a official distributor in the Benelux market area, and its System Integrator CEAD Group has brought to life an advanced 3D printing and milling machine for manufacturing large fiber-reinforced polymer parts for F1 car components. The high on-road performance of F1 cars comes also from their aerodynamic design. The perfect shapes of their bodies are the result of high-precision mechanical processes.



Common portfolio “SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control” launched by Comau and Siemens


Comau and Siemens had joined forces to meet the growing interest in Industry 4.0 digitalization solutions. One as leading global company in development and implementation of technology solutions for sustainable automation and production, other as global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, they leveraged Comau's wide range of robot arms and Siemens' smart solutions for handling and processing with robots.

Joint development activities and technology partnerships, such as the collaboration agreement with Siemens, are solid examples of Comau's on-going commitment to innovation and its advanced approach to collaborative,