Racer-5-0.80 Cobot


Industrial performance, collaborative attitude

Comau Racer5 COBOT is the only collaborative robot that can automatically switch from industrial robot speed to collaborative speed when a human operator enters in its working area.

It combines flexibility and collaborative safety features with high-performance repeatability and accuracy and allows reducing cycle times while ensuring better productive throughput.


  • 5 Kg payload
  • 0.809 m reach
  • 0.03 mm repeatability
  • Collaborative/non-collaborative speed switch
  • Up to 500 mm/s cartesian speed in collaborative mode
  • Up to 6 m/s cartesian speed in non-collaborative mode
  • Safe Collision Detection function - PL d CAT. 3 certified by TÜV Süd


  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Racer-5 industrial robot speed when no human operator nearby for an increased productivity
  • Electrical and air connections near the wrist avoiding external harness
  • Immediate awareness of cobot status due to LED stripe
  • Long life cycle thanks to mechanical robustness
  • Efficiency and flexibility of the cycle
  • Reduction of spaces for automation
  • Simplified process inspection and quality control

Technical features

​Version ​Racer-5-0.80 COBOT
Structure/ No. of axes ​Anthropomorphic / 6 axes
​Maximun wrist load ​5 Kg
Normal wrist load 1 Kg
Axis 4 torque 8,83 Nm
Axis 5 torque 8,83 Nm
Axis 6 torque 4,91 Nm
Admissible inertia on axis 4* 0,42 kg x m2
Admissible inertia on axis 5* 0,42 kg x m2
Admissible inertia on axis 6* 0,18 kg x m2
Stroke /(Speed):
Axis 1
Axis 2
Axis 3
Axis 4
Axis 5
Axis 6

+/- 170° (360°/s)**
-64°/+114° (300°/s)**
-150°/+60° (330°/s)**
+/-200° (500°/s)**
-105°/+100° (500°/s)**
+/-2700° (800°/s)**
Max horizontal reach 809 mm
Repeatability +/- 0,03 mm
Robot weight 34 kg
Features of the tool coupling Robot wrist ISO 9409 - 1 - A 25
Motors AC Brushless
Position measurement system Encoder
Protection degree IP54
Mounting position Floor, wall, ceiling
Operating environment temperature +5°C /+40°C
Storage temperature -10°C /+55°C
Relative humudity from 5% to 95% without condensation
Maximun temperature gradient 1,5 °C/min


*Not allowed with maximun load

**Maximun speed

***Base vertical cable output available (option)


DWG File  Comau_Racer5-Cobot_3D_PARASOLID (DWG)

DWG File  Comau_Racer5-Cobot  (IGS)
Comau Racer 5 COBOT
Payload : Small 0-16 KG
Reach : up to 1000 mm